The best parts of breakfast were the conversation snippets. An example:

-Babies would be borne much more easily if they came out in jelly form, like squeezing a toothpaste tube, and later formed in a mold. But then there would be all sorts of pro-life arguments like “Life begins at congealing” and such.

I was actually going to put another couple of examples on here but I realized they would alienate a good number of people, and that’s not our goal. Our filthy breakfast talk is best kept in our hearts, not on the web.

In any case, Pete’s Place is not a place for breakfast. They do serve up a mean milkshake and I bet the burgers would be good, so next time I’m hankering to go to Pete’s, that’s what I’ll get.

Final notes: inappropriate apostrophe! The bathroom was unfortunately labelled in wood-cut as “Rest Room’s.” Also, it probably had the oldest clientele of any place we’ve reviewed so far.

We were the youngest there, and probably the only people turned off by the coffee.

New flash! Pete’s Place has been renovated recently. (Summer 2010)

August 23 2008

Pete's Place Family Restaurant
1777 Main Street

Hours of operation:

Sun - Tues             8 AM - 9 PM

Wed - Sat             8 AM - 10 PM

No Breakfast Special indicated 

Meat & Eggs run between $4.75 and $6.00.

Pete’s Place is a Greek restaurant in West Kildonan. I wasn’t sure that Pete was a Greek name, but whatever. The walls feature the generic pictures of Greece that can be found in so many restaurants, and have real potted plants surrounding them. Other than that, it’s a good greasy spoon location with good pleather seats and ‘dusty rose’ walls.

We had a 20 minute wait to order and it wasn’t terribly busy. The servers would disappear behind the counter for long periods of time, making me wonder if they are also prep cooks or just take lots of smoke breaks.

Our coffee was pretty bad. It tasted like burnt dark roast. At least it was served in tiny cups so we didn’t have to deal with large quantities of the sludge.

Our eggs were thankfully made to order and the bacon tasted like bacon. The toast was so tiny it had an inferiority complex. Bah doom pish! The sausages were the low-grade breakfast links like I always fear and abhor, but no matter how much I abhor they just keep coming.

The menu offered an option of an “HB patty” which I assumed was a hashbrown patty (like the Taste of Sri Lanka offered) but it was actually a hamburger patty! The only other place we’ve reviewed to offer a hamburger patty for breakfast was Connie’s Corner. Maybe they like their hamburgers more and more as you go north on Main St.

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Pete’s Place: 6.5
Weekly breakfast reviews in 
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