Our specials came with green onions in the hashbrowns, which the server asked if we were okay with. For sure!

The eggs were standard (it’s hard to mess up eggs), and the bread was the usual selection of white/brown/rye, but the hashbrowns were really good. Chunked up potatoes, grilled until greasy and tasty. I liked the onions, but wished they were grilled instead of plopped on top all raw and oniony.

The bacon was pretty skinny, but the kub garlic sausage was decent. The other meats were really bad: sandwich meat ham and breakfast links - that always make me unhappy. On top of that, everything was dripping in yellow grease. The slurge actually overflowed off my plate at one point. The best part of breakfast though, was that they had my favourite hot sauce, the Sriracha cock sauce.

If you’re in Transcona and were drinking in the Silver Spike Saloon, Paddy’s Cactus Grill might be for you. For the rest of you, I’d seek sustenance elsewhere.

Transconians – any suggestions of other places to eat in your end of town?

Paddy’s Cactus Grill: 6
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June 26, 2010

Paddy’s Cactus Grill

(In the Elizabeth Hotel)

202 Bond Street

Breakfast Special - $7.00

taxes included

Coffee $2.00

Cash only.

Paddy’s Cactus Grill is the most trans-national restaurant we’ve been to since the Australian-Canadian-Chinese cuisine of the Campsie. Just from the name, you can get a sense of Irish-TexMex. They actually had Chinese and Ukrainian food, with English overtones.

Paddy owns the restaurant, and he is Chinese. The restaurant’s name was chosen by the hotel owner, who apparently has a cowboy thing going on (Silver Spike Saloon for example).

The restaurant was in the basement of the hotel, and to get there you have to go by what we dubbed the “Transcona International Art Gallery”. Really, it was just a hallway with some motel art in it. Inside the restaurant were pictures of cars and various motivational posters (see pictures). The gallery was truly stacked that day.

Click on menu to enlarge

A Corvette, a hot chick and a HUGE American Flag. Welcome to the Transcona International Art Gallery.