Thirsty Duck
Micheal P’s
Centre Place Cafe
Salisbury House (All of them)
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Bow Ties and Bagels Cafe

Salisbury House in the bus station

Partners DeliPartners.html

Junior’s Burgers

Not Serving Breakfast!

Chartwells: The University of Winnipeg cafeteria.

Not at U of W anymore!


Royal Crown revolving restaurant


The Tallest PoppyTallestPoppy.html
Black Sheep DinerBlackSheep.html
Wanabees DinerWanabees.html
Stella’s Cafe and BakeryStellas.html
Ellice Theatre and CafeElliceStreet.html
The CurrentCurrentBrunch.html
Seine River CafeSeineRiver.html
The Velvet GloveVelvetGlove.html
Rae and Jerry’s Steak HouseRaeandJerrys.html
2 Kelly’s2Kellys.html
Alycia’s Alycias.html
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The Pony Corral Restaurant & Bar

Not Serving Breakfast!

The Fort Garry BrunchStellas.html

My Place Pie Place

Post Office Cafeteria



Taste of Sri Lanka at the Folk Fest 2008

Not seen at Folk Fest 2010

Have they given up?

Schmeckers Restaurant

Princess Grill

Ham N Eggs Grill

falafel placeTallestPoppy.html

Woo’s Cafe

Brit Cafe

Prairie InkStellas.html


Hostelling International Corner Cafe


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Hey Google! Breakfast reviews in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada by Leif Norman and Andrew McMonagle. We are the  Breakfast Connoisseurs Join us for Restaurant Reviews!

Weekly breakfast reviews in 
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 
since July 2007
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The Breakfast Graveyard:

Juvian’s Restaurant

J. Fox’s

Mango Grove Restaurant

Alycia’s Ukrainian Cuisine

Yellow Dog

Le Restaurant

Chicken Delight

Paladin Restarant

Dandelion Cafe

Deseo on Albert

Grain Exchange Curling Club

The Legislature Cafeteria

Taste of Sri Lanka at the Folk Fest 2008