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Weekly breakfast reviews in 
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 
since July 2007
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September 12 2010

Country Porch Café & Ice Cream

McPhillips Street & Murray Avenue, about 2km south of the Perimeter Highway

Hours of operation:

$4.50 brek special.

Free refills of coffee!

Country Porch Café is probably the most aptly-named restaurant in Winnipeg. It has a nice porch with tables on it, and it’s out in the boonies. Way out there. Like, there’s nothing around but fields. From the outside it looks like a home but inside it’s nouveau-cottage, looking like it would fit in perfectly on Winnipeg beach. When you order, you get a table tag which has a bit of history on it, describing how a porch is “an inspiration of ancient Greece.”

Their menu is a colourful chalk board, and you order at the counter before serving yourself coffee and grabbing your own cutlery/napkins. The only difference between this style of service and North End style coffee service is that you have to ask for the cup at the counter and you take from a carafe, instead of taking a mug off the dish rack beside the open pot of coffee on the hotplate. CPC’s coffee, by the way, was pretty good. Not hella strong, but it was dark and tasty.

The breakfast special was really nothing exciting, and in fact, the French fries posing as hashbrowns (anyone remember the execrable Partners?) made me a bit sad. Come on people, chop some potatoes already, or stop calling them hashbrowns, ‘cuz they ain’t. The eggs were eggs, the sausages were breakfast links (ugh) and they had decent bacon, but the real shining stars were the excellent, house-made pancakes. Smother them with the uniquely available Lyle’s Golden Syrup and you have some happy connoisseurs. So good they eclipsed the impotent hashbrowns.

CPC has been open for four years and seemed to be entirely staffed by young country girls. Attraction point? You decide. Go at least once for the pancakes, if nothing else.

I tried their new peanut butter milkshake as a parting thought, and it was thick and yummy. Almost a meal in itself.


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